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Yeah babyy! We look at relationships like a wild adventure, one that you should be present and in the moment for. So we’re honored that you’re considering putting your memories into our hands. We also understand that knowing what to expect from us is a huge piece of building a trusting relationship so we've provided a ton of that info below.

you're engaged.

It all begins when you decide you’re ready to feel us out and send us an inquiry.

 If we are available for your date, we’ll chat via email and then set up a Zoom or phone call. We love to meet face-to-face to learn more about you, your partner, and your vision for your intimate wedding or elopement. We use all of that info to start building experience options so we can send over pricing. Zoom calls allow all of us to see if the connection is there, to make sure we can serve you in the way you need, and our jokes usually land a wee bit better.

We believe that your wedding photos & videos should be a reflection of what makes your relationship beautiful. That’s why we focus on getting to know you from the very start — we want to understand your values, your passions, your personalities, what makes you laugh, and what you've been through so that we can honor that within your photos & videos.

Once you get a chance to look over all the options and we hone in on the perfect experience for your wedding day, we lock it in! A signed contract and 30% retainer officially takes us off the calendar for your date and solidifies that, yes: we’re a wolf pack now. Aaooo!

To get acquainted, we shoot your engagement session or meet up for some food and drinks...or both. We love to give you the chance to get a vibe for our candid, laid-back approach and shake off any funkiness that comes with being in front of the camera. We help with direction and posing as needed so you DO NOT have to worry about what to do during the session.

The months before your wedding day, we dive deep into the deets: We’ll create a timeline for the day and go over any necessary details like must-have shots, audio preferences, and any permits we might need (yes, we’re fun & laid-back but we’re also organized as hell).

make a move

Seal the deal

It’s heeeeere! Your wedding day (or couple of days) will be epic, intimate, beautiful, hilarious, and romantic as hell — and we’ll be by your side to document it all. At that point, you'll feel comfy with us and it'll just feel like your pals showed up to document your day.

We’ll utilize every bit of what we’ve learned about you, your partner, your families, and your lifetime movie worthy connection to tell your story through images and video. We leave nothing out; from wide shots of the epic scenery to posed family portraits and goofy behind-the-scenes photos, we capture it all so you can LIVE IN THE MOMENT with confidence cause you know we've got your back bb!

Your big day will be over before you know it. Then we hug you goodbye and slip out the back door, leaving you lovebirds to recover from your hangovers and jet off on your honeymoon.

get hitched

While you dive into some turquoise cenote or hike to an Icelandic waterfall, we get to work editing your photos and/or video. We keep you updated along the way, but you can expect your photos and videos to be delivered within 12 weeks of your wedding day.

Our goal is to deliver a gallery that makes you laugh, gets your eyeballs teary, and instantly transports you back to the moment you saw each other for the first time with that child-like, omg-imma cry, butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling.

Everything is digital, so you get links to all your photos and videos in your inbox. It’s awesome because you can share them right away: Post your faves on Instagram, order prints to frame on your wall, or send them to fam/friends, wherever they are. Print release is always included so everyone can download and print whatever they want. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

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Love Notes

From the very first conversation I felt special and important to them, and they really took the time to get to know us as a couple. Arielle was invaluable in helping me sort out details and timeline questions and so much in between. Our wedding day through us a weather curveball and they helped keep our spirits up with the ever changing plans for the day and truly helped us create magical moments to cherish forever. If you're looking for a photographer you'll be in the best of hands and have epic pictures to boot. Cannot thank Arielle and Ben enough for their wonderful presence and beautiful craft.

Laura + Scotty

If you are looking for stunning photos and videos, book Arielle and Ben. If you are looking for a duo who will fit right in to your special day, book Arielle and Ben. If you are looking for instant connection and new best friends, book Arielle and Ben. We booked Arielle and Ben for our intimate COVID wedding and couldn’t recommend these two enough. No one would believe that day was our first time meeting them in person because they just made us all feel so comfortable around them. Through all of the unpredictable, changing logistics of our wedding, Arielle and Ben were right there with us helping us figure it out. As for their work, though we had just our house to work with, they captured every detail and every moment so incredibly. 

Laura + Scotty

Arielle & Ben are AMAZING! They are more than just two photographers that show up on the day of your event. They truly care about getting to know the couples and families they work with. It made us feel so comfortable to have friends rather than strangers photographing us and we are so grateful to have them capture our special moments in life!


the investment

One size does not fit all. We craft custom experiences to make sure you get exactly what you want, so our prices vary - but the rates below will give you an idea of what to expect.

Intimate Weddings

Celebrate your big day with up to 150 guests

Starting at $5500


Even more intimate, with 12 or fewer guests

Starting at $4000

Adventure Elopements

Intimate ceremony in a harder-to-reach setting for nature-loving couples

Starting at $5000


Half-day or full-day coverage capturing every magical moment

Starting at $5500

+ Full ceremony film 
+ Full toast film 
+ Full first dances film 
+ Guest well wishes interview film 
+ Engagement session video 

+ Teaser film
(delivered 1 week after the wedding)
+ Rehearsal footage
+ Day-after footage 
+ Fomo edit (all footage film)

+ Full ceremony film 
+ Full toast film 
+ Full first dances film 
+ Guest well wishes interview film 
+ Engagement session video 
+ Teaser film
(delivered 1 week after the wedding)
+ Rehearsal footage
+ Day-after footage 
+ Fomo Edit (All Footage)

Video Add-Ons


Engagement Session

Photos or a trailer film to announce your engagement and get to know us before the wedding! 


Adventure Engagement Session

Same as the left, but in a harder to reach, badass location. Adventurous activities are welcome!


Day-After Session

For adventurous couples who don’t want to get their wedding clothes muddy the day of!


Bridal & Boudoir Sessions

An intimate one-hour session shot by Arielle prior to the wedding day craziness



 We map out your big day from start to finish with lighting and timing of photos in mind. We've done this over 100 times and can help decide how long the hike in will take, how long family formals take, what time sunset is on a specific date, etc etc.

Custom Timeline Planning:

 Need help finding the perfect spot for your intimate wedding or elopement? We have a ton of locations we love to use, some more secluded than others. We are also always happy to scout someplace unique for you, just tell us what the must-haves are.

Location Scouting:

 We don’t just show up and shoot like a couple of numb toads. We will be as involved as you'll allow us to be. If you're willing to send us photos of the outfits you choose, vent about someone who is driving you crazy, or just text to check-in; we live for that shizz.

Unlimited Love & Support from Ben & Arielle:

 Outdoor weddings come with their own unique set of requirements like permits and Leave-No-Trace considerations. We help point you in the right direction when it comes to those things!

Access Logistics:

Every photography & videography package includes:

oh faq!

Got a question about working with us?
We probably answer it below, but if not, reach out to us!

What constitutes an “intimate wedding”?

We consider an intimate wedding anywhere between 12 and 60 guests. (We do occasionally shoot bigger events, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you like our style!)

How do I know if I should elope?

If you want your day to be just the two of you, or surrounded only by immediate family and your BFFs, a small, intimate elopement might be the way to go. Due to the minimal number of guests, elopements can be held in dramatic locations like a mountainside where having dozens of guests would be difficult.

Can you help me plan my elopement?

Uhhhh, YEAH! Whether you’ve already got the perfect spot picked out or you want us to scout locations for you, we’ll help you figure out all the logistics — including the right time of day for optimal views, what to wear, and any permits that are needed. Want to hike in to your dream elopement spot? We’ll guide you through everything you need to know, from how to pack your wedding attire with minimal wrinkles to how to transport a bouquet in a backpack.

We love the idea of getting married in a badass setting, but how the hell do we get there?

Depending on the exact spot and the time of year, we might need to hike, ski, or snowshoe in! Don’t sweat the details — we’ll help plan all the logistics of your adventure elopement or wedding, from permits to trail access to what shoes you should wear.

Who will be shooting my wedding?

Both of us! We’ll hire an associate if we anticipate needing an extra set of hands. (Only Arielle shoots boudoir.)

What if we’re awkward and hate getting our picture taken?

We totally get it: We don't love being in front of the camera either! That's why we prioritize getting to know you. If you feel comfortable with us, being in front of our cameras is significantly more enjoyable. We will also be able to bring out genuine laughs and intimacy because we know you! We also "pose" you the entire time so you never have to worry about practicing poses or anything like that. We will guide you in a way that is natural and brings out your authentic luuurv. 

Do we get all of the photos and video clips you shot?

We typically deliver 50 to 100 photos per hour of coverage. We don't include any unflattering photos (if we know you specifically hate pictures with a double chin going on, we aren't going to inflict that on you) but we don't hold anything hostage. If it turns out, you get it! No cap on the quantity. If you would like all of the video footage, you can pay for a “fomo edit” which will include all clips & the audio (if there was any taken) but again, we do not include clips that are unflattering or our test shots.

Can I see a full gallery you’ve done for a previous wedding?

Hell yes! Just give us some details about your wedding (setting, size, theme, etc.) so we can send you similar examples.

Do you travel? What are the costs?

Absofruitly! Wedding-day travel within Oregon & Washington are included. 60 miles of travel from our home base in Vancouver, Washington is included with all other sessions. For locations further than that, we charge .65/mile. Anything more than 3 hours away will require overnight accommodations so we don't fall asleep at the wheel driving home, but we’re cheap dates: We have a travel trailer and love camping! If we need to fly to your location, we ask that you cover our flights and lodging.

How long until we get our photos back?

Our turnaround for photo and video is 10 to 12 weeks after your wedding day.

What if you two are slightly out of our budget but we REALLY love you?

We paid for our own wedding so we totally understand and respect budgets. We are all about working with the right people so if we are slightly above, please reach out anyway.

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