Not just the lumos, expecto patronum kind, but the ooey gooey kind that exists between two souls who choose to build a life together.

Mostly because we have experienced it ourselves. 12 years ago, we stumbled into each other's lives and two kids, two huskies, and 100+ weddings photographed later, we’re still like teenagers in love. It's gross. We reel it in when we can.

Both of us have a child-like nostalgia for photos & films which we think comes from our own home videos. We love to relive our moms decorating the Christmas tree, building forts with our siblings, and crashing shopping carts into our friends in empty parking lots (obviously, that last one was Ben.)

So not only are we suckers in that sense, we fall in love with people all of the time. Our couples are our lives (aside from our kids) and we learn something about love with each relationship we encounter. 

So yes, we believe in magic. We also believe in bottling it whenever we get the chance; in the form of photos & videos.

we believe in magic

Hiee! I’m Arielle and I am a sucker for intimate moments which is why I love to photograph and film the way things FEEL. I take a photojournalistic approach to shooting your wedding, allowing things to unfold naturally. I love getting up close and personal to capture your genuine emotion. How do I bring that out of you? I give you the real me from the start. I email you like you're my family, I don't hide anything, I swear, I text you, I simply show you who I am which easily allows you to let me see you too.

I’m most likely to be spotted tearing up during vows or anytime really because I'm a sucker and still crazy inspired/moved by love. I also love wearing other hats like helping you make logistical decisions, acquiring permits for epic locations, helping you choose other vendors, or even helping pin boutonnières or bustle a dress. 

When I’m not behind the camera, I love cooking, playing video games, and doing outdoorsy stuff with the fam. (Both of our kids are learning to snowboard and mountain bike!). I also have a bad habit of watching true crime shows and totally freaking myself out to the point where I can't sleep.


Hey there, I’m Ben and I’m most likely to be spotted climbing a tree to snap an epic photo of your wedding’s natural beauty. While Arielle snaps the intimate close-ups, I’m more of a fly on the wall waiting for the perfect moment to capture the big picture.

I love action-adventure photography and documenting the incredible outdoor settings our couples choose, so scrambling up a boulder in your wedding attire is definitely a possibility (I promise, the photos will be worth it!).

Oh, and before you ask: The accent is Wiscaaaaansin. I grew up in Madison but moved out west to be closer to the mountains. I love camping and skiing with Arielle and the kids, and I’m a classic rock lover — Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are the tunes playing in my head while I’m cruising down the mountain.


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now we're here


Ben & Arielle meet online and go hiking on their first date (yes, we are that Pacific Northwestern kind of couple).


They move in together three months later because YOLO.


The lovebirds get engaged and buy their first home in Washington State.


They’re wed on a mountainside surrounded by friends, family, and copious amounts of booze.


Arielle gives birth twice: to a baby boy and to a boudoir photography biz.


Ben & Arielle combine their love of outdoor adventures & photography and launch PNW Imagery.


As the pandemic turns weddings upside down, Ben & Arielle fall in love with shooting elopements (and welcome their daughter into the world).


After shooting 100+ weddings, PNW Imagery now works with just a handful of couples each season to capture their intimate weddings and elopements.

Wondering what it’d be like to have us photograph your wedding?

We’re both criers and we won’t hesitate to hit the dancefloor with you. We’ll be there to make emergency wardrobe adjustments, wipe the sweat from your brow, remind you to live in the moment, and crack random jokes — and squeezing you goodbye at the end of it all.


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